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The well-known history of Morell is restricted to the later European systems. Horell, London, Digitized bv Go O^^IC of Pkilo»opht/,iatvfo volume B (Berlm, 1866). Anli BClicnes of Athena and the Cjnic School S2-94 Diplizcdbv Co O^^IC g 39. Plkto'a Divi Biona of Phlloeopbf and Ilia Duilectio 116-1I3 g 42. Soracrate* wrote iiaioxat, which Dircp) ^'ujv, toyiiirut mi aito^6ryp&Tw» rum tr ipi Xoao^ tintau^i^iivruv pi^iia i(iai), Bi. which took place in the reign of tbe Ljdiaa king AI^att M (Henid., L li). Trant^ td L Ib» tbe Atj ot tlto Bnii RDr ABCHUaa'i diatb (Aug. tdder'* Batu/tnai dm- Oiromologi*, ^ IS, wid ZMrtoc A, p. It ia probable that Anasiioaiider expreased himself with as little diatinctnena respecting the nature of hia in-c^pov aa did Heaiod reapecting hia Chaos, and that tfaia accounts for the uncertainty in the statements of the different authorities. i^on ematical principle in their mtottrieal ipeenlalien-'-a. 3) requires us to eocsider Gmpedoclei as a contain- porarj of Anaxigtiras, but ^onn^r ihaii the latter philosopher, who was bom, probablf, about BOO a c According to Aristotle (ap. His fbmilj belonged to the democratic party, for which ? L^ VUL 77) ; the iarpm Ac i^yot (mentioned by Dic^., 3iid,) may hare been a part of the fvaixi, and of the tragedy, which was ascribed to him by some, others deny that he was the author piog. Th« phenomena usoally referred to those heads result respectively from the oammingli Dg and ■eparation of elemeuta (/u;v(ic).

The able critical histories of modem philosc^ phy by Erdmann and Euno Fischer are limited in their range, yet too ex- tended for our object. Thk is the product of a master of philosophic systems, aad it is elaborate in method, and finished in style. Aristippus of Gjreiw and the Cyreaaic or Hedoolc Sdiool Sft^S § 39. The data o T this edip M, scconling to the Buppoiition of Baily [Fhileto^ Hmtttitu Mt, 1811) and Oltman Da {Ab K dtr Btrl Aktid. H) iq.) o T d Hlfnatliw •Ttrr Jttt before tbe bbth of Cfar Ut bf a Bnnbw . aa tbaant^aor tftbaara; tbliaac* we Ibllo* faero wltbont exception. It li etutoinaiy to extend baekward tbe Jnliu Calendar and not tba Otagorlan. Tet the reiluctia B of all bluorlcal dal M to Gregorla B dataa al Torda tba bj no meana uiiaue BCIa J advanlaca of making tba eqalnoiaa and Hli Ueea la tbe earllaat blatorlcal tl Bii l Ul ta tbe Hme montba and on tba lame dafi aa now. A aeccnd queatlon in diapnte is whether or not the itreipov of Anaiimander ia a sub- stance Interma^te between air and water, as the ancient commentators of Aristotle anp- poaed it to be. speculation whidi overstef^ied the limits of exact msthemallcsl sdenee. Mul d U aa*» Atgyptir, In Kouk'l ^u*rl L far uptoulat. :mpedocles, like his father Ueton, labored success Ailly. Empodoctoi oi Ua lluw elencott reo U (rtacapa ruv irtb TUf la^uiui Ta). In their original cooditicni the elenxmti are de Rcribed bj Empedodea ■■ beit)§: all mingled together and fonning ous all-iscluding sphere (o^aipor ; Ariitotle, followiiig the wnae of Bmpedodea, lenm the ofifii K the ciiiaitiavhmmc ^, Jbt, IIL 4, p.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. From the flrat, and before any attempts were made at a detuled anit general bietoricat delineation, philosophera eonght to acquiro an Insight into the causal connection and the Talue of the diffennt sja U ima, and for the eariiest ph Uosop Mea the foundation tbr such Insight was . Brucker's presentation, especially in his chief work, the ^stvria Or U, Pb Ooa., is clear and eaaily followed, though somewhat di Oli Ee, and often interspersed with anecdotes, after the maimer of Diogenes Laertius, and too rarely portraying the connec- tion of ideas. Brucker wrote in the infancy of historitsl criticdsm ; still he often gives ptoof of a sound and sober indght b his treatment of the historical controversies current in his times ; least, it is true, in what relates to the earlier periods, far more In his exposition of the later. Aat, Oundru* aaer Oea Mc JM der Fhibaophit, I^ndahut, 1801, 2d ed., 182G, He writes from Schelling'a stand-point. ier Bdigian uiuf i^tl Mopftf E, tnuialated f Wnn the Dutch original toto Freodi b^ A. Th* ■UBvd wrltl D^ ud po(^ of tfav Tkriou Oriental pfloploa, with thfltr Domint Bti HH (Y^KInf, Quid-King; Ibcmonl tiw Il Kiaf Conrsdiuudtilidlidple*; tha Ted H. Fadaitla Sar-avm Sadii Handa.tinutr U unddntuh,llaiilc\,lfea; Thood. To the (nni- Tersalistic) Uimansa ("Investigation") Zapila opposed the Saokhya ("Consideration," " Critique " — an indivldualistia doctrine, which denied the world-soul and taught the exiitenoe of individual loula only). The inflnenoe of Eteatidsm on the doctrines of the later natural philosophera has been espe* dally pcnnted out by Zdler (who, however, still separates Beraditus from the earlier loniana).Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Since Teunemaun's ifanval (1812, 6th edition by Weiid, 1829),* no Tork has appeared so veil adapted to meet the wants of stndent B. The Peiipatetica 1BD-1S5 Tiii BD Diri Bioii: STOici Bif, BPictnoi Axisii, i^n) brepticibii. In the ca Ae of philoeophical doctrines which are no longer before us in the original langnage of their authore, those " reports " are to be held most authentic which are based immediately on the writings of the philosophers, or in which the oral deliverances of the latter are communicated by immediate disciples. It is not founded in all parts on original historical iovestigatio Q, but it contains much that {b very soggeatlve. Some- what moro ooosiiler Bble may liave been the iofiuctice on tlie Greeks or the early aatronomv- cal (^na of the Egyptians, and perhaps also of their geological ob Berrationa and apeculatioas. But that Pylbagoras, and perhaps also Koipodocles, appropriated to themsel Tca ^^tlan dot^nea and usagea directly from Kgypt, that possibly Anaiegoras, or perhapa even Hennotimus, his pred^ feasor, came in contact n'ith Je^s, that Thales, as alao, at a later epoch, Democritus, sought and found io Egypt or In Babylonia material Tor acientiflc theories, that Heraiditus was led to some of his speculations by a knowledge of Parseeien, and that therefore tfaa Liter philosophers, so far as they join on to these, were indirectly (Plato elso directly) affected in the shaping of their doctrines by Oriental influeuces, is quite conceivable, and Bome of these hypotheses have no alight d^^ree of probability. The pliilo Bophy of the earlier looic physiologists is Hylozo- ism, i. Tba ad Tantafa of thia rafonu mnld be peatcr ■a la tba danaraatloa of tba aaaaoaa ttm St^^ & I), that he taught the Egyptian prieatl how to neaaure at any tinte the height of the pyramids by their ihadowa preauppoae* that be was acqualnlad with the theorem of the proportionality of the aidea of aimilar trianglo B. On the begin- ningi of geometry among the Egyptlani, cf. Living beings arose by gradual development out of the elementary moisture, nnder the influence of heat.Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. D., BT THE EDnon S OF THE PHILOSOPHICAL AKD THEOLOGICAL MBEART. Indeed, no work on the subject contains Buck a careful collection of aatboritlea and citations, or so full a bibliogra- phical apparatus. If the tendency of the author (or so-called " reporter"), whose statements serve us as anthorities, is less historical than philosophical, inclining him ratlier to inquire into the truth of the doctrines mentioned by him than simply to report them, it is indispensable, as a condition precedent to the employment of his statements as histori&l material, that we carefully ascertain the line of thought generally followed by the author of whom he .treats, and that in its light we test the sense of each of the reporter's statements. Certain geometrical propositions seem ratlter to have been merely discovered em[nrica Uy by the Egyptians in the measurement of their Seldi, than to have lunded his (metrical) diron- Ide (composed in the second half of the second centnt7 & c), t Vom which, sgain, Diogenes Lser Uu B and others drew a large part of their chronologicsl data. f., the doctrine of the immediate unity of matter and life^ according to \v))ich matter is by nature endowed frith Mk, and life is inseparably connected with matter. Land animals had, in the beginning, the form of fishes, and only with the drying up of the surface of the earth did they acquire their present form. CL, b««ld*s th« lutj by th* Ab M da Ciaiijt (flfnau la Hi HDuui B't JIaga Hm), SHh^'i An Awip H, L, pp. For determining tbe time of Amurimmder'a birth we hmre onljr Uie stitement of Apol lodoru B to reit upon, who la TH (Diog.A proq)ectus of the whole accom- panies the present volume. In tlw (Platonic T) dialogue Fannemda, a proae wnting ((riiyypnfiia) of Zeno ia men- tloued, which was distributed into le Teral leri H of ari^mentatioiui (U^w), in esch of wfaldi a number of hypoths Mi (vroftonc) were l^d down with a view H their rei Mtio m atrari Jufn, and Bo to the indireot dmnonatration of tbe truth of the do Gtrioe that Being ia One. Against the veracity of sensuous perceptitm, Zeno directed (acoording to Aria L, Piys., Tn. Jewish and Pauline Christiaoit/ ST1-ST4 FIBST DIViai OH : THS PATSISTIO PBIUJBDFST US'I'IL IBS OOUMUIL OP KICl. With this common and Aindamental characteristic of the various historical conceptions of philosophy corresponds our definition : Philosophy is the science of prindplea. nslil^ Dlrtat, ud Wlnl^ Kw Sh Iml, to L l Ul, HMU, IMl, pp. C Bibkr, In So-Uat TInhow ud tod Holluodarf'a Sainmiwfff ffmm Hm»rt UK4- UAt vriimueli. The philosophical metjiod proceeds by explaining the connection and endeavoring to estimate the relative worth of the phenomena of hii- Digilizedbv Go O^^IC 6 BOint OBB, ACTSOBni ES, ASD il DS. The genetdo metltod investigates the caoaal connectio D of phenomena. Nourrisson, Tii Ueou Set I^tigrii de ta Ptnate S%mam B dapuii Tha Hi Jta^'d Le Omib, Paris, 1858; i« (dition, IBSO. Qeorge Heu T Lewes, A Stographieai Eiitorj/ of Fk Coyophy, from iti origin m Ortet dovm lo tht pretent day, London, 1846. (Third part of the posthumous works.) The same subject, substantially, is also treated of in Albert SUckl's Die tpeeulo L Lehre vom Jlmn Aen tmi Ore Getchid Ut, To L L (" Andent Times "), Wflrzburg, 1868 ; To L IL (" Patristic Period," slao under the tttle of Geeda Me der Philijtophie der palrii^adten Zeii), Srid 1869 ; end Oe Khid Ue der Fh Otoplii* det MIMaltert (continuation of the preoe« En Mcieliiig der Btgr^* wn Slot U, Bo M wid Fb UOc, Leipsic, 1836 ; 3d ed. HUdenbraod'a Oea Ai Aie uad Sj/slem der Se Aie- vnd Staalephihaophit (Leips. Xevertheles B, the opinion is scarcelj to be approved, that philosophy alwaj^ expresses ttsetf most purely only in tho universal cou Bciou Bue Ha of the time ; (lie truth is, rather, that It rises above the range of the general consdonsness through die power of independent thought, generating and developing new germs, and anticipating in theory the easential dttrocter of developments yet to cooie (thus, e. t M-4M; Both, Zap Lilttralur utid «itel Mt Udtt lred«di/*a(Ii, IMT. Its theoretical speculations (srhich are based on the generalized concep Uon of the an- titheu B of male and female, lieuven and earth, etc.) are not acientiflcall; wrought out. Digitized bv Go O^^IC SS OBXXK FHILOe OPHT — BOUSCBS. de Flae Oia Pk Omphonna, or mora Ukely baa Ai Uer, revised adition of Uikt work. In hla work entitled miolae« dxa Py Uiagorten LAren (Berlin, 1819, p L4a iq.), Boec Ui compares the different typea of Greek philosophy In tbe first period with the characteristics of the race B, in -w Uch the sereial types were developed, with the (b Uowfog resu JL In tbo materl Blistic rier of the prlndplea of things and of the manifold life and act Wi^ of the material eletnenti, aa held by the Innic pbiloaopher B, Boeckh finds an developed theory — and more especially in the (Hrcumstanoe, that the Doric thinkers sought to explain the nature of things by adducing, not a material, but a formal prindple, a principle which should account for their nuityand order.

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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Eclectidsm.— Qcero.— The Settians 217-222 THIRD PEEIOD OP GEEEK PHILOSOPHT. The Eclectic Platonists 234-238 TBIKD division: HEO-PLAIOHIBU. The method of fonnal criticism, which triea the special doctrines of a system by its own assumed principle, and this principle itsel T by its capacity of development and application, has heen employed by Schleiermacher (par- ticularly in his "Critique of Previotis Ethics") and his successors (espedally by Brandis; less by Bitter, who is more given to " material " critidsin). The history of ph Uosophy shows "t)\^uta Joii M pk Soeop Kiat ectmpla,'' Keo-Platom the Kantian itand-polnt. Oumpo Bch, who brings the national element especially into prominence, proceeds [U more carenilly. c.) Buddhism, which was an attempt at a moral reformation, hostile to castes, but the source of a new hierarchy. Qpeftvovf fiioao^t'eva f tori iraaav aipleani Vir)j(o(, Origenit i^fio Mfi Awncna, tive Omnium Baeretium Sefitta Ho, e eodiee Farumo mme primam ed. The otdy question can be whether and In what measure Oriental relijnous ideas occasioned in the apeculation of Grecian thbhera (especially on the subject of God and tlie human soul) * deviation from the national type of Hellenic culture and gave it its direction toward the invisible, the inexperimental, the transcendent (a movement which culminated In Pytba- goreanism and Platonism).

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