Ann coulter dating liberal

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Ann coulter dating liberal

I was wearing a skin-tight collared shirt, spiked hair, labret and septum piercings, and the tightest black pants.

What part of my ensemble made this old man think I’d be conservative? Or the fact that I’d used a flat iron and lots of product to straighten my hair?

I wondered if any of them actually thought the way this awful woman did. It’s nice to see a young man with a head on his shoulders, especially with all these liberals in this area.”“Fuck you,” came out as, “oh, right.”“Well son, you have a nice day.I had never met anyone who endorsed terrorists, liberal or not.Ann Coulter taught me the following: During my speed-reading of the first chapter of her book, I rung up a few customers.Just open the book and start reading — she’s such a bitch and so misinformed it’s ridiculous.” And with that, Jessie grabbed a copy of Ann Coulter’s book and handed it to me.The cover was your typical cover to any conservative book that came out at that time — a pure white background, with the title written in red letters and the book’s heroine positioned atop the title.“I’m going on break, tell me what you think when I get back.” Jessie threw her nametag on the counter and walked away.

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She even alluded to Senator Joe Mc Carthy as being someone who was just doing his job to protect America.

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