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Barlow said their inability to be seen in public during the long layoff between when the show filmed in January and when it aired contributed to their split. We would go hiking on the weekends in his back yard in the woods. It was really nice getting to know him and his children." In addition, Barlow said "conversation and deep, spiritual connection" was lacking in her relationship with Sabato.

"We couldn't really court, because we weren't allowed to be seen in public, so it's very difficult to try to have a relationship behind closed doors," she said. We saw each other for probably a couple of months after the show was filmed, and then we just decided it was best to see other people, and I haven't heard from him since." Despite the lack of communication over the past few months, Barlow assured viewers that she and Sabato did give a real-world relationship a try. We saw each other on the weekends, being very careful not to let anyone else see us," she explained. "He thought that should come with time, but to me, I just felt like we didn't have much to talk about," she said. You can't say a bad thing about Antonio Sabato, Jr.

She'd fondle him/spank him with props around the set." In comparison, she makes Hannah B look like a friggin' angel.While she wishes that she waited to approach him about it until their relationship was more serious, she stood by her decision to make him know she wasn't a floozy."I just wanted Antonio to know that I'm not an easy girl to be with, that if he wanted a casual, sexual relationship, that's just not me," she said.Who will be that special all-around diamond of a mate: someone adventurous enough to go horseback riding on a windswept mountainside at a moment's notice...cultured enough to shine with sparkling wit and wisdom ...comfortable enough to travel with him all over the world?

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Who will be the one who has what it takes to share Antonio's heart ... My Antonio begins with the women arriving at Antonio's tropical enclave -- on a sun drenched incredulously romantic resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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