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Andy, in "Sabre", then awkwardly confronts Erin about her weekend plans, revealing that she has none.

Andy exits with exasperation, hoping that his "hint" would be sufficient for her to ask.

She becomes good friends with Kelly and in "Cafe Disco", they help to generate interest in Michael's "Cafe Disco." Erin greatly admires her predecessor, calling her "a living legend" to De Angelo Vickers, and often asks her advice on various aspects of the job.

However, Pam is at first somewhat impatient with Erin's enthusiasm for a job she never took seriously and often dismisses her requests for approval by saying "it looks great." Initially, Dwight and Andy compete for her attention, but Dwight withdraws in acknowledgment of his new friendship with Andy.

Contrasting with her predecessor, Pam, she not only loves being a receptionist but admires her coworkers including Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute.

In a deleted scene from "Niagara", she admits she was born four months prematurely and could not eat hard foods until she turned 6. Patrick's Day" reveals further that she was sick and in the hospital between the ages of 3 and 6.

She also tells Michael that she would like to be an accountant someday, even though she is bad at math.

After Andy's massive effort for Erin's Secret Santa gift, Andy thinks that the "ball is in Erin's court", while Erin assumes that after Andy's last spectacular display involving a band drumline that he will surely be the one to ask.

Unfortunately the first four gifts are all birds resulting in harm to herself, geese swarming her car and an incident where her cat ate one of the turtle doves. When asked if it is him Andy brushes it off, but later Michael reveals him and he is somewhat surprised to see her legitimately angry at him.It is hinted that Erin was brought up in a very religious Christian household, as seen in "Nepotism", when Michael argues with the staff about nepotism and defends it by saying the person that God sent to help Earth was His Son, Jesus Christ, which Erin claims is a "really tight argument", and another example is in "Dwight K.Schrute, (Acting) Manager", when she is shocked to learn Gabe is an atheist, and is even more shocked when he states there might be a God, but he does not believe it is just some "guy with a long white beard." She is seen repeatedly following Dwight's insane directions.For the remainder of the season, Andy awkwardly flirts with Erin.In "Koi Pond", Erin is shown to be self-conscious about being an orphan, and is attracted to Andy, whom she calls "the coolest guy I've ever met." She also does not know who Marlon Brando is, mistaking a reference to him for Marlon Wayans.

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Erin finally earns Michael's respect in "Scott's Tots" when she points out the benefit of the promise Michael could not fulfill to a group of underprivileged high school students.