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Reality television comes with its own special slew of problems.

It’s rarely real, often derisive, and always needs to tell a story (even if one isn’t there to tell). But at least with ’s new makeover, there appears to be a genuine attempt to show how difficult it can be to put yourself out in the open for the sake of finding that missing piece.

The groups then have to complete challenges outside of their typical comfort zone, for example the beauties may have to visit a Comic Book convention.

If a team wins the challenge, they become safe from elimination, and have to choose one of the other teams to send to the elimination room.

It makes no difference that Brittany is a geek in the end, and her dating decisions proved it—what we are all in search for is a compatibility, and we typically know when it rings true if we’re confident enough. For all the encouraging footage we see of geeks basking in the glow of the con, there are plenty clips of nerds saying things that are distinctly stereotypical and unflattering; one guy claims that he loves going to the convention to see all the scantily dressed girls.

In addition, we can only hope that the show aims to showcase a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

The problem becomes that we have no way of knowing if Alex is truly like this, or just appeared that way due to how the show was framed.

The only contestant to do well so far is Brittany, and her experience was exactly the sort that you’d expect on kind of dating show.

Still, Alex’s dating woes are not utterly foreign to men who don’t read comic books—he is a type often seen on dating shows, often similarly getting the shaft for not appearing to have any prospects or goals.

Different sexualities would be a definite plus, though it’s unclear from the glimpses we get of the speed dating circuit how they handle that.

(They do, kindly, make sure to ask which gender each participant is interested in, so they must have a way of handling it.) The actual format of the event is awkward, with the women sitting down in front of the man they prefer—what happens if two women liked the same guy?

Critically, no one was biting, so the new season has been considerably revamped.

Perhaps the network realized they had bitten the hand they were trying to draw out—and that without the the geek community’s support the show would be a much harder won success. And this is stupendously ironic when you consider the fact that reality television exists for the sole purpose of making every kind of person look insane, out of touch, and ultimately laughable.

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She’s blonde and beautiful, but don’t let that deceive you…” Thanks for that, guys.) In addition, Alex seems to be poster boy for the way that male geeks are consistently portrayed. He handles the date part well, in fact, but the woman who picks him tells him immediately afterward that she’s only interested in being friends.

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