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Here are some things to know about the author who’s made the president furious.

Also Read: Trump Didn't Want to Win and 8 Other Surprises in Michael Wolff's Explosive Book Excerpt 1. Also Read: Trump Seeks to Block Publication of Michael Wolff's Book Wolff has resisted the traditional journalist label as well as that of a media critic.

This totally freaks out Ross who tells the student that the two of them cannot be in a relationship together, because he is a professor while he is a student, and also because he (Ross) is straight.

Back at Central Perk, a guy is checking out Monica, and Phoebe tells her to approach him.

After her date, Phoebe meets Monica at the restaurant to tell her about the date.

After hearing Phoebe talk about the excitement of going on a first date, Monica realizes everything she'd be giving up once she gets married to Chandler.

(Phoebe's mother had told Phoebe to never discuss fears or problems with your significant other and to keep them locked up somewhere in your mind).

Also Read: Michael Wolff Says Old Media Won the Digital Revolution - Why He's Wrong 6.The now-defunct media review publication Brill’s Content said 13 different subjects in his of his 1998 book “Burn Rate” disputed Wolff’s account of them and accused him of inventing or changing quotes: “And none of those quoted recalls Wolff taking notes or recording the discussions, some of which took place three years ago.” While the late New York Times media reporter David Carr mostly praised Wolff’s “joyously nasty” 2008 biography of Rupert Murdoch, he also wrote, “One of the problems with Wolff’s omniscience is that while he may know all, he gets some of it wrong.” Washington Post writer Paul Farhi said Wolff “has a penchant for stirring up an argument and pushing the facts as far as they’ll go.” A Slate review even suggested that Wolff may have even admitted to his own embellishments. For Wolff, nothing is more erotic than a multibillionaire,” the author Michelle Cottle wrote.Also Read: Steve Bannon Blasts Donald Trump Jr as ' Treasonous,' ' Unpatriotic' in New Book 4.Monica tells her that she is engaged, but Phoebe tells her that she should have a backup in case things don't work out with Chandler (Phoebe's example involves Chandler losing his ability to satisfy sexually and so how he would be happy if another man would satisfy her needs).The guy approaches them instead, and Monica informs him that she's engaged.

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It turns out that he actually wanted to talk with Phoebe, so Monica gets a little embarrassed and leaves.