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Dating her way

For sexists, the hubbub around Kamala Harris acts as a convenient reminder to other women thinking of running that, if you choose to, you had better have married your high school sweetheart.Otherwise, your past may not be pure enough to satisfy people.

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It’s far more likely that a female candidate would date a powerful man than if the genders were reversed, simply because there were more powerful men than there were powerful women 20 years ago.

This attack can’t be used on a man, because, just looking at the number of women versus men in politics in the 1990s, it would be really unlikely for a man to encounter a powerful enough woman that their relationship would still be seen as benefiting his career 20 years later.

If they were, they could not tolerate a President who cheated on his pregnant wife.

But then, that would mean holding men to the same standards as women.

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