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I would encourage you to think about each item and what it would look like in your life: a) Stop blaming the other person b) Write out a list of every price you pay because of your anger and fighting c) Aim to be happy instead of being “right” d) Take care of yourself and focus only on taking care of the other person, no matter what e) REFUSE to fight or argue with them anymore – stop feeding into anger cravings 2) There’s a difference between disagreeing and fighting.Disagreeing just means you have one idea, they have another and you don’t agree.Once you have tasted the “high” of fighting with a particular person, you will start to crave fighting with them unless you make a point to stop giving in to anger cravings.Quick Guide to Getting Rid of Anger I am not going to go into a long explanation of each.It doesn’t mean catering to their every request, putting their needs before yours or anything like that.That’s just a recipe for resentment and would be an equally destructive problem.Fighting is giving into an emotional craving and very quickly leads to you passionately speaking through anger and defensiveness, exaggerating facts and saying things you don’t mean.When two egos get involved in a fight, they tear the relationship between them into shreds.

When I am able to stay in touch with my love and respect for the other person, I am able to keep my emotions in check and I don’t blow up at them.

Half the reason that people fight is because they pay attention to their own internal feelings of anger instead of just respectfully and lovingly paying attention to the other person.

4) Forgive yourself and forgive him I doubt that he means to fight with you and I know that you don’t mean to fight with him.

Before you can make progress, you need to forgive him and you need to forgive yourself. 5) Commit to changing yourself, no matter what When it comes to change in a relationship, you really can’t change the other person per se. What you can do is stop feeding into your half of the cycle.

This is challenging, but by talking about it here you will be better equipt to handle the challenge.

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You can dramatically improve your relationship by recognizing that part of love is respect. But for your own sake, you need to let go of your anger and give them permission to have their own thoughts and feelings.

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