Dating old photographs baby fur

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[Lady wearing a crinoline, ringletts and wide sleeves, possibly 1862] front------plain back F. John's Wood [London], (1862) [Mother with baby] front------back G. [London] (Auntie Bally, - Emily Warren Davies) [ Lady c.1862] front------back Ace & Son, Vaughan Street, Llanelly.

Bartlett, Carlton Cottage, Hewlett Street, Cheltenham (Mrs Letetia Jones, cousin) [Lady c.1862] front------back C. (Mrs Cole Houton) [Late 1860s copy of c.1862 lady] 1862 front------1868 back Ace & Son, Vaughan Street, Llanelly.

Rust spots Because they are made on thin sheets of iron, ferrotypes often show evidence of rust spots or blisters on the surface where the enamel has started to lift off.

Use this page to get an idea of what the styles of clothes and poses were through time, and used with the increasing complexity of the designs on the backs, this site should give you some idea of when your photo was taken. Maddy = Mrs Millward, 1864) [Older lady]front------back Daniel Jones, 11 Church St.

The dark background gave the resulting image the appearance of a positive.

The term ‘ferrotype’ was in common use, but the public tended to prefer the less formal ‘tintype’, implying the cheap, tinny feeling of the material.

Material These were made using a thin sheet of iron coated with black enamel and can be identified using a magnet.

William and Peter Neff manufactured the iron used for the plates, which they called ‘melainotype plates’.

A rival manufacturer, Victor Griswold, made a similar product and called them ‘ferrotype plates’.

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