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Extensive forensic project claims experience with all entities Qualified as an expert in multiple courts and US Federal District Court. Construction executive/attorney/engineer with more than 35 years heavy highway claims experience in private legal practice and as house counsel/ Sr VP for SEMA Construction (Caltrans projects), Ames/Granite and SJ Groves & Sons Co Construction Engineer specializing in dispute resolution and providing workshops to better work with difficult people, understand risk and uncertainty, etc.Selected Member of National Academy of Construction.Jobs include major freeway realignment, structures, retaining walls, drainage, lighting systems, slide repair, & pavement rehab Over 35 years of varied experience including: public works executive and construction management; Caltrans Construction Manager, Construction Engineer, Resident Engineer and Structure Representative; State highway, bridge and heavy marine construction projects; construction claims and disputes; Caltrans Claims Review Boards; contract change orders; CPM schedule review and analysis; construction cost estimation; and water pollution control.28 years of civil engineering experiences with emphasis on construction contract management for public works.He was a natural born drummer, creating recognizable beats any chance he could at home and with his bandmates in several bands throughout his life. Wonder if your watching me now knowing I’m here as I’m working with this one? i met you at MIT in 1997 when i first started at MTL.

Experience includes new Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Eurotunnel, wide variety of other projects.Funeral from the Salvatore Rocco & Sons Funeral Home, 331 Main Street, Everett on Tuesday, June 11 at am. The first time I worked with him his knowledge and talent to solve problems was clear. We really enjoyed going out to breakfast or just getting together and listening to his stories and laughing. Over 150 projects as RE including 0 Million Interstate 680/24 Fwy Interchange.Over 40 years construction experience, 22 years involving the management of Caltrans related projects.I have obtained an extensive understanding of Caltrans special provisions, drawings and the General Provisions.37 years experience in construction.

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