Freshman in high school dating freshman in college

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also, is there anything wrong or unusual about a college freshman wanting to date a high school sophomore?So theres this girl at work that I've started to like, a lot.. I know thats not much of a difference (in 10 years we'll be 28 and 26, which sounds fine) , but it seems like it, you're just getting started in what's gonna be the biggest thrill of your're gonna meet so many interesting people, not to mention a great many members of the fairer sex. I commute to school, but she lives about 40 minutes away from where I live and where I go to school,, kinda the third point on a triangle of all of them I guess,, if that makes any sense. I can't remember the last person who's a girl that I've been able to talk to so easily and not be so nervous around.Just chiming in to reinforce what others have already said.As you point out, there's a much larger difference between, say, 16 and 18 than between 26 and 28.Anyway, thanks for the input guys and gals,, I needed it!

She would always mention how much she missed me on the bus and having me around, so i got the impression that she liked me.You are both going through a very formative time, but you're about to embark on a qualitatively different experience that will mature you (hopefully ) in different ways.And don't forget what Dale Kemp says - statutory rape laws apply in most states, at least for now.So anyway, I don't post here much but this has been on my mind for I figured I'd get some comments/advice here,, you guys seem to have your heads on straight, for the most part i think one of the biggest problems with it would the distance...

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The problem is that you're pretty young still, and she's just to young.

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