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Potential Hazard Ahead: Not every difference of opinion is – or should be – a deal breaker, but when the differences bring up warning signs in your own mind, heed them.Remember that wanting to change someone is a lot different than being with someone who WANTS to change.Potential Hazard Ahead: Unless you were feeding her the questions and she was giving you the answers, it’s likely that her interest in herself will always outweigh her interest in a boyfriend’s life.Poor social skills can be corrected, but overt narcissism is almost impossible to cure.

Potential Hazard Ahead: Contrary to the often repeated advice that we should all try to be “interesting” to talk to, the real key to building strong and viable relationships is NOT to be "interesting," but to be "interested" in others.

Potential Hazard Ahead: When someone reels off a long list of demands to her server, she may also be the kind of person who makes unspoken demands on a partner.

Someone who expects her steak done to exactly 143 degrees is likely to expect the same kind of willingness to please from a boyfriend or partner in her life.

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She spends the first date elaborating on how much she hates her mother or her family or her job or how she’s been wronged by boyfriends or other friends in the past.

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