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Intimidating behaviour by neighbours

The level of offense depends on your staff--it may take the form of offensive teasing about religious traditions, rude comments, offensive jokes or comments about sex, gender, background, race or affiliation.When employees feel offended or intimidated at work, their performance is likely to suffer; in extreme cases, they may quit or make legal claims against the company.They should not be allowed to harass you and there are laws in place to protect you from this.The technical definition of harassment is “the act of systematic and/or continued, unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands”.As a manager, you have the responsibility to create an safe environment where offensive and intimidating behavior is not tolerated.

It can include things like threatening or intimidating behaviour, harassment, bullying, noise, dumping rubbish, vandalism and animal nuisance such as fouling.

Tell the Police how the harassment is affecting you.

Some people are just nasty neighbours and can make your life a misery.

To prevent harassment and intimidation in your company, start by providing written policies that explain the company's position on offensive behavior.

It should outline what is not acceptable and what is acceptable and be available to staff in a written form.

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Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue for managers.