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One by one, they will burn and suffer, while you live on in undignified anguish, lying unloved in your bed, encrusted in your own FILTH.And once that is done, once everything you have ever held dear is gone in a blaze of glory, I will find you again, and I will end your life, inflicting upon you such horrible pain mere words cannot describe it.It's not what you say, exactly, it's what you're doing when you say it. The easy way means you get out of this with no more limbs missing.Start by cutting off one of his hands, and then smack him in the face with it. You don't want to find out about the hard way." "If you cooperate, we'll let you decide what we do with your hand.Much like how that fishhook is being removed from your cheek, the choice is yours." As an alternative, channel the Captain of a certain 12th Squad from Bleach. Alot of these are terrible ways to intimidate someone.Titan Uviroth, the Forge of Conquest Heretic Vasi Re, the Meticulous Weaver Traitor Skemair Igair, the Maiden of Greed Auntie Mayhem, Infamous Slayer Joy of Discovery, Emissary of Serenity Air Aspect Night Wind Cho, Tengese Assassin Renegade Scarlet Tears Shed For Rebels, Spacefaring Desperado But nothing says "intimidation" by hitting someone with a piece of his own body! You rarely ever want to threaten someone directly..just gives them cause for action...whether it be calling the guards, hiring assassins, leaving town etc.Either I kill everyone in this room while looking for the plans... A nice zing to add at the end of any request for information from shady folks / cultists Of course, I'm of the opinion that it matters less what you say than how you say it. Structurally, there's no difference." I then whip out a random severed body part from one of my victims* and hurl it at the guy (or at least drop it at their footsteps).or you give me the plans, and I kill everyone in the room except you. I don't know how fast your guards are, but I doubt they're fast enough to stop a crossbow bolt. If you don't give them to me now, you will die swiftly, far too swiftly for the guards outside to stop. I had a Rogue who had the habit of Quick-Drawing a hidden knife while settling down to interrogate a fellow - just to trim his nails, you understand Looks like my bunny slippers are running for cover. *If you're the scary guy in the group you should have AT LEAST one remnant from a dead person/creature per HD you have.

If the body parts look like they're about to run out, then all you need to do is start going up the arm or leg bit by bit. Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .Diplomacy has failed against the sly, snaked-tongued advisor of the corrupted king.At ten, if I don't have what I want, you lose another limb.We'll continue like that until you're out of limbs." If your not down for the actual cutting, then just imply it heavily.

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With me slicing you into thin strips and telling your loved ones that you walked over a very sharp cattle grid wearing a very heavy hat?

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