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All the poems should be folded, or turned over, or in envelopes, so students cannot read them yet. Choose words that may reveal what the poem is about or simply the most interesting, emotionally-charged, or even random words from the poem!

I encourage students to solely walk around looking at the words before choosing one that interests them.

After going on at least three dates, they pick “the one” that they want to go on a “second date” with.

After the students come into the room, I introduce the concept of poetry blind dates!

Around the room, I have 8 different poems scattered.

I write more about why teachers should embrace corniness and the magic of learning here, but it is important to reiterate: high school students are still kids, and they deserve a learning environment that is still playful and curious and inspires awe and wonder.

Some budget-friendly ways to decorate your room: No time to decorate your room?

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I was familiar with this groan–it was one that I also would have participated in at their age.

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