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If I lived in a larger home that wouldn’t be much of a problem, but we live in an 800 square foot mobile home! I use it to limit my time doing things that I find irresistible that aren’t writing.I’m happy here; it’s the perfect size home for us, set in the perfect location. The major temptation that takes me away from writing is Twitter. Both of these distractions are so enjoyable that if I don’t watch myself, I can spend hours every day there.A few years ago my husband and I ripped up the carpet and laid the parquet floor (the sort of job which makes you eager go to back to writing).And as time has gone on, I’ve added the extra filing cabinets and counters so I can spread out with my various projects.I’d start a chapter printing and have to leave the room because of the echo.

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short stories and anthologies all beckon me.

Those piles on the counter are non-fiction book projects and source material, waiting to come together so they’re ready to publish.

Though I’ve moved on from my original publisher – as well as switching from contemporary romance to historical, and from sweet stories to spicy ones – I’m grateful to Harlequin Books for a lengthy and rewarding career.

If I closed the door so I could concentrate, I soon ran out of oxygen.

😉 Not long after the photo was taken, we moved into a new house. It has two big windows – one looking out over the woods, one toward the front of the house so I can see visitors coming and decide whether to answer the door.

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I now rely on dual 24-inch monitors and a laser printer.

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