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Most of the collected sayings and jokes are repeated in a number of webpages, which makes it difficult to credit a particular Internet source. The tender approached and said, "Ah, good evening Monsieur Descartes! The good Christian should beware of mathematicians and all those who make empty prophecies.The danger already exists that mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell. Augustine) The following sketches show our dedication to abstract thinking in the most unusual situations and strong belief in the universality of mathematical methods." The engineer whips out his slide rule (so it's old) and shuffles it back and forth, and finally announces "3.99".The physicist consults his technical references, sets up the problem on his computer, and announces "it lies between 3.98 and 4.02".

" A mathematician, scientist, and engineer are each asked: "Suppose we define a horse's tail to be a leg. " The mathematician answers "5"; the scientist "1"; and the engineer says "But you can't do that!Mathematicians are always impatient and intelligent. A mathematician and a Wall street broker went to races. The mathematician was sceptical, saying that he wanted first to understand the rules, to look on horses, etc.The broker whispered that he knew a secret algorithm for the success, but he could not convince the mathematician. I sum up their ages and I bet on number nine." "But, three and five is eight," the mathematician protested. " the broker replied, "Haven't I just shown experimentally, that my calculation is correct! " A mathematician, a physicist, an engineer went again to the races and laid their money down.Behavioral Ecologist: "A polygamous mating system". Medical Student : "4" All others looking astonished : "How did you know ?? " An chemist, a physicist, and a mathematician are stranded on an island when a can of food rolls ashore." Medical Student : : I memorized it." A physicist, a mathematician, and a mystic were asked to name the greatest invention of all time. "Because the thermos keeps hot liquids hot in winter and cold liquids cold in summer." "Yes -- so what? The chemist and the physicist comes up with many ingenious ways to open the can. He spend the rest of his life generalizing the results for the table with N legs (where N is not necessarily a natural number).

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A number of collected jokes we learned from our professors in Saint-Petersburg. Indeed, the phrasing of the narrator is as important as the essence of the humor (if this essence does exist at all).

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