Mitchcosta webcam

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Mitchcosta webcam

Compare that to £2.80 at The Haus - 40% more expensive. The most expensive was £2.80 at the Haus and the cheapest price was £1.00 at Jorrocks. Nottingham, Sheffield,etc Andrew, Derby I welcome the new crop of bars along Friargate, the old haunts along Sadler Gate have stood by and watched the rest of Derby develop.

I don't know if Derby can compete with Nottingham for 'trendy clientelle' but the decor and the atmosphere helps - the word will be out and we should see a migration over a period of time.

Derby has lacked choice for many years and why shouldn't we frequent bars where there is NO underlying current for violent tendancies.

Mo, Oakwood The Haus might be expensive BUT it IS the best bar in Derby AND it has table service....perfect!

Sadler gate is a more affordable option and alot more atmospheric than some of the "trendy" bars on the outskirts of town.

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The 'trendy' bars are trying to promote that you are paying for the service, when you will probably find its just another student behind the bar who is paying off his/her debt and doesnt care about the customer.

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