Mohamed azmee dating 46

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Mohamed azmee dating 46

To tackle these concerns the Ministry of Public Health (Mo PH) formulated Comprehensive Healthcare Waste Management Plan (HCWMP) for the System Enhancement for Health Action in Transition (SEHAT) Project [25] for the handling of pharmaceutical items requiring destruction [26].

Pharmaceutical waste is one constituent of the HCW, which contains expired pharmaceuticals or no longer needed, contaminated items, or pharmaceuticals, which need clear and systematic disposal approach to get rid of its hazardous effects.Evidence shows that the presence of antibiotics in water may lead to antibiotic resistance [13] and in long term may cause genetic effects in humans and marine life [9].In Kabul, Afghanistan, the byproducts of a mass vaccination campaign of 1.6 million against polio in October 2008 were discarded in the local municipal waste, causing infectious injury to individuals searching waste dump sites for reusable items.Total of 301 valid questionnaires were returned with a response rate of 100% in which 73.4% men and 26.6% women participated.More than half of the respondents were university graduates.

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The General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs (GDPA) was held responsible for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of drugs and medical supplies waste management plan implementation throughout the country [24].

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