Polycom 450 updating initial configuration

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There are two types of reset procedures which accomplish different tasks in LPE.

In the official Microsoft documentation these procedures are described as either a , yet these terms can be a bit misleading.

Although most of the instructions in this article have been covered in various past articles it may be difficult to locate when incorporated into separate, larger topics.

In an effort to provide a single resource for the simple task of resetting different Lync compatible Polycom IP phones, as well as explaining what the reset is actually doing, creating a separate dedicated article seemed logical.

The phones covered in this article fall into two separate categories: Lync Phone Edition (LPE) devices.

These categories are quite different in their design.

Each of the two areas are completely independent and can store a full, separate firmware image.

The previous 4.0.7577.0 version remains intact in the original partition which is now deactivated.

It is important to understand that this process is not reverting the phone to the version of firmware that was preinstalled on the factory, unless the device has never been updated since it was originally installed.

This is the most commonly misunderstood concept of this topic.

The common range of Polycom CX model phones which run LPE are very simple devices and actually performing a reset is straightforward.

But it is important to understand exactly what ‘resetting’ a device means and what happens when the events are triggered.

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These processes were originally documented in the article Externally Provisioning Lync Phone Edition.

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