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If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Rabbit TV reviews below.Read Next: Our Complete Guide to Ditching Cable for Good...” Well, instead of providing you with direct service from a cable provider, you are given access to a system of websites which feature full television episodes.All you have to do is insert the USB stick into any computer device in your home, select your home country, and then choose the television show you want to watch.Victor Wright - hope I got that right because his English was terrible - and he could not find my order in the system; could not provide me with an email address to which I would gladly send my confirmation; and he insisted that I give him my credit card information over the phone.He said they had no record of my order and that they could not help me.If you choose to continue service the following year, you will be charged another annual fee.

Purchasing the Rabbit TV USB stick costs , plus a .99 Shipping & Handling fee, or if you can find a store which sells “As Seen On TV” products, Rabbit TV will cost a flat fee for annual use.I asked why they couldn't do that over the past year when I tried to use it? I told them I don't feel comfortable spending more money just to take a gamble if it will work or not being as I have never been able to use this and see it actually work. I told them I will instead contact the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and Best Buy Consumer Reports and fraud... as a Disabled Veteran on VERY limited income, is a lot of money to just throw away for me at least...If I could afford to just throw away to buy it and throw another away just to see if there is something wrong.. my husband bought it a while ago and I just signed up for it but is said that my expiration date was April of last year now they want to charge me .00 to use it Netflix and Hulu are way cheaper than that.I ordered this device in May or 2013, got a Confirmation Order from the company but never got the product.I was reminded of this a few nights ago while visiting Fry's Electronics and seeing them being sold for .98 - TV or Movie versions - and I became both curious and furious.

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Yes, the device is a fake since it only provides hyperlinks to sites that already provide free movies. Stay away from these sleaze-usb-wabbits; it's a rickety-wackety-racket.

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