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Two weeks ago I arrived at the office in the morning to find out that I am being laid off. The ropes looped around his ankles and wrists, his legs spread apart and his arms above his head. Steve may have panicked but for the second thing he noticed. She continued to work her hand u… Read more Oh God, I could feel his thick cock beginning to press against me.I wasn'… Read more It took a long time for Steve to wake up. Stacey his girlfriend had her hand on his lubed up dick and was slowly stroking him. He had greased me with K-Y lotion all over my asshole and his cock, and now I was on my hands and knees about to receive him.I was untied from the bench and sir liften me up onto my heels and led me over to some stocks.I was made to kneel down and my wrist and neck placed in the stocks, then he closed them down on me and clicked it shut.His friends gathered round the front of me,… Read more I was in Miami staying at a hotel approximately 1 mile North of Haulover Beach.One morning, I was sitting by the ocean at my hotel when a man my age came up to me and started chatting.He said the door was unlocked and to let myse… Read more During the summer of 2003 I was between relationships and looking for a good time.

I knew I was gay and had played with some of the guys in my dorm.

The Rever… Read more Recently I’ve been chatting online with this guy in the area.

He said that he hosts a gloryhole at his place from time to time, and he invited me to stop by sometime and participate. I’ve never been used at a gloryhole before, but the idea sounded really hot to me! I’ve always wanted to get with an older guy anyway!

Embarrassed I stood up to look at him and it was his turn to stare at may pink speedo the outline of my shaft, mushroom head, and the PA jewelry outline, ring and gold key.

Jake… Read more Robert was always so kind and nice with me he had been my neighbor forever, he was a cuban born tall caramel skin older guy not overweight but a bit chubby , literally twice me It was a warm summer night i was back from a party , trying to get in my appart by the backstreet i stopped half way in the stairs, in the next building window to my right my eyes open on a incredible scene of my neighbor , sit on his couch stroking some cylinder thing on his cock, a fleshlight toy i watch hidden, not believing how big it was eacch time the toy pull out the mouth-like rubber swallowing back his fat… Read more A friend told be about his hot time, and now here it is for you!

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I had discovered gay porn on the internet and had taken a fondness to watch… Read more I have been married for eight years now to Sherrie, who is a short voluptuous well proportioned brunette.

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