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This is a learning module for the class Contemporary Social / Mass Media Theory taught at Purdue University by Sorin Adam Matei What cultural and intellectual forces account for the social and intellectual ethos that fuels the social media revolution?

Nevertheless, “medium theory” is of potentially great significance because it outlines how media, rather than functioning simply as channels for conveying information between two or more social environments, are themselves social contexts that foster certain forms of interaction and social identities.

How does new media, in turn, influence the intellectual outlook and cultural patters of modern life?

What kinds of social groups do the social affordances of the social media produce?

Life on the Screen tells how the computer profoundly shapes our ways of thinking and feeling, how ideas carried by technology are reshaped by people for their own purposes, how computers are not just changing our lives but changing our selves.

Our conscious presentations of self are often meant to be scaffolding, which–as Goffman points out–can be taken down once it has performed its purpose.

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How is the presentation of the self influenced by a constantly networked world? Is the ”social” aspect of media equivalent to ”communitarian”?

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