There is a problem validating your database

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There is a problem validating your database

Data validation is an essential part of any data handling task whether you’re in the field collecting information, analyzing data, or preparing to present your data to stakeholders.If your data isn’t accurate from the start, your results definitely won’t be accurate either.File formats and their standards are maintained by non-profit organizations, government departments, industry advisory panels, and private companies.With their assistance, they help to continuously develop, document, and define file structures that hold your data.It may seem as if data validation is a step that slows down your pace of work, however, it is essential because it will help you create the best results possible.These days data validation can be a much quicker process than you might’ve thought.Additionally, you can automatically run any data validation workflow on a schedule (or on-demand) which means you can build a workflow once, and reuse it over and over.

Each reader and writer has been designed to understand the specific nature of your data format to aid in the validation process. You may be using XML to store data for City GML, GPX, Land XML, or Microsoft Map Point Web.That’s why it’s necessary to verify and validate your data before it is used.While data validation is a critical step in any data workflow, it’s often skipped over.Without validating your data, you run the risk of basing decisions on data with imperfections that are not accurately representative of the situation at hand.While verifying your data inputs and values is important, it is also necessary to validate the data data model itself.

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Readers and writers go beyond just understanding a file extension. Each of FME’s readers and writers will interpret your data by need, not just by format.

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