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What is backdating stock

Options granted as of the commencement of employment based on the market price as of the date of acceptance may be problematic if the plan does not permit below-market grants or the grant is not treated as a discounted option for accounting and tax purposes.

Options granted as of the date of employment acceptance are also troublesome if the plan does not permit grants to non-employees or if the additional tax and accounting issues relating to grants to non-employees are not adequately addressed.

Even though no documents are backdated and there may be no intent to select a lower exercise price, backdating issues may arise if the stock price increases before the corporate formalities have been completed.

Option grants to new employees have their own set of backdating issues.

The practice of granting options in advance of the disclosure of positive news does not involve option backdating, but it is often discussed in the context of backdating and is also under scrutiny. If no documents are forged, and if practices are properly approved and disclosed, appropriately accounted for, properly treated for tax purposes and in accordance with the terms of the option plan, most option granting practices should fall safely within the law.

But if these conditions are not met, a number of negative consequences can result, depending on the individual circumstances of the practice at issue.

This study opens a path for future research to further discover why financial firms exhibit less backdating behavior compared with nonfinancial firms, and if option backdating is not an issue for financial firms, why the share prices of these firms decline significantly prior to the grant date.

The practice of “backdating” stock option grants has recently captured the attention of regulators, prosecutors, the plaintiffs’ bar, shareholders and the media.

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For nonfinancial firms, there is an immediate turnaround of the abnormal return movement right after the grants; that is, the price increases, indicating the occurrence of significant backdating events.