What is dating friends

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More times than not, going after your buddy’s ex is off limits and fully violates any type of guy code by which you might abide.

But every once in a while, the universe speaks to a person and lets him know that, although it seems wrong at first, there might be a bigger reason your friend dated this person in the first place – maybe it was to connect the two of you, instead.

Setting up a dating profile is pretty standard — you choose the photos with your best angles so your potential love interest knows you’re hot AF.

Creating a profile to attract potential friends, however, is just weird.

If nothing else, how the two of you met and your relationship story could make for a great wedding toast.

As someone who’s moved cross-country quite a few times, I’ve had to become accustomed to putting myself out there in order to make connections and form new friendships.

It’s basically Tinder for friends, and it seemed like an ideal way to help me find my dream squad.

Here’s what I learned: Making a Friend-Dating Profile is Super Weird.

As with most situations, the decision that’s right for you will depend on your personal relationships, morals, values and beliefs.

When a new potential BFF is just a swipe away, it’s hard not to turn on Mean Girls mode and become ultra picky. After a week of texting with a couple of connections, I took the plunge and set up a friend date with one Bumbler I really clicked with.

It felt more like an actual date than a meet-up with a friend.

I steered clear of too many selfies and opted to use snapshots that showed my personality and interests.

In the end, my Bumble BFF profile was mostly photos of me eating, drinking and one in which I was wearing (and actually weirdly rocking) a faux handlebar moustache. After adding your photos, you write a little bio blurb that’s basically an elevator pitch to potential BFFs.

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While it’s best to approach your friend for a discussion prior to making a move or pursuing a relationship, Kelman suggests that you don’t need to get permission from your friend, either.

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