When did remus and tonks start dating is nick cannon dating christina milleon

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When did remus and tonks start dating

Severus Snape started Hogwarts in 1971 where he was sorted into Slytherin house.His best friend, and the woman he loved Lily Evans, was sorted into Gryffindor house.A red haired Weasley came running out of the room,"Hi! " Ginny pleaded."Ginny..." Tonks mumbled as she walked into the room. " Tonks replied."Do you want to stay in Me and 'mione's room? " Hermione asked."Since I went down there to explore! " Ginny said enthusiastically."fine..." Hermione said nervously."I'll go first! Tonks walked back in the room a few minutes later."Tonks..." Hermione mumbled."Yes? Hermione snickered and relaxed against the love seat. "It was a pretty boring meeting, Mad Eye gave his speech, and I wasn't paying much attention... And I now know this house like the back of my hand! " Ginny said, picking up a few things, "You comin'? Tonks and Hermione started walking out the door, following Ginny."I'll sleep here! ""Hermione, you have no sense of time, the meeting started at ! Meanwhile Remus was having an argument with Sirius."am not! During the time that Harry went to the school, there were six Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers.Year 1: Quirinus Quirrell Year 2: Gilderoy Lockhart Year 3: Remus Lupin Year 4: Bartemius Crouch (impersonating Alastor Moody) Year 5: Dolores Umbridge Year 6: Severus Snape Year 7: Amycus Carrow transfiguration- minerva mcgonagall charms- fillius flitwick potions- year 1-5 severus snape year 6 horace slughorn divination- year 3-5 sybill trelawney year 5 firenze astronomy- sinistra flying- hooch arithmany- vector defence against the dark arts- year 1 quirrel year 2 gilderoy lockheart year 3 remus lupin year 4 mad eye moody (imposter) year 5 delores umbridge year 6 severus snape history of magic- binns muggle studies- babbage care of magical creatures- year 1-2 kettleburn year 3-6…

" Ginny said claiming the overstuffed chair."and I'll sleep here..." Hermione said claiming a carpeted piece of floor. James became a stag, Sirius became a black dog, and Peter…Remus Lupin, the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's third year, discovered Wormtail was still alive.Snape attempted to do so, but James stopped him at the last second, as otherwise Snape would have met and surely've been killed by Lupin the werewolf. Year 1: Quirinus Quirrel Year 2: Gilderoy Lockhart Year 3: Remus Lupin Year 4: Barty Crouch Jr., disguised as Mad-Eye Moody. Rowling always lists out the food that Harry and his friends eat.Year 5: Dolores Umbridge Year 6: Severus Snape Year 7: Amycus Carrow (that year it was simply 'Dark Arts' without 'Defence Against') To find out what Harry Potter eats, read the books. For your information, Hogwarts serves peppermint humbugs at the start of the year, in Harry's first year at Hogwarts.

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Harry and Remus were not related, but Remus was Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in his thrid year.

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