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We see Lexie Grey, one of these residents, greet nurse Eli and ask if Eli has sent one patient's sample of pancreatic fluid to the lab yet. The competing resident Jackson Avery calls out to Lexie from down the hall; he is walking his patient around, and boasts that on day 3 post-op, there is no fistula--apparently his protocol involves walking and eating right away. We're not tired of seeing physician characters walk patients, something that we have not heard of happening in real life. No nurse is correct about anything because he has been somewhere 12 years. Bailey herself orders that drain put back in, I-- Mark (softly): Now mention how highly I think of her. Grey is the best resident you've ever seen come through this program. Of course she is not pleased, telling him that he didn't really accomplish anything. Maybe Eli doesn't do protocols because that's too complex for the primitive nurse brain!

And we could get into a discussion of how has blundered into the very real benefits of getting hospital patients up and around, as nurses have always done, but we have to move on. Nurses--and physicians--must be able to explain why their way is the right one, using evidence, assessments, and scientific research. And Avery stops by to make fun of her, suggesting that there might be a medical emergency if she doesn't get the drain back in. Eli also doesn't get a chance to explain why the patient's lack of sleep is a problem--is it really?

Yet even this extended plot arc ultimately decayed into a reinforcement of the idea that nurses are physician subordinates unworthy of being treated as equals, professionally or personally.

Eli appeared in eight episodes aired over a 10-month period, ending tonight.

On a few occasions he played a more robust patient care role than any other nurse has, displaying some health care skill and some spirited patient advocacy, standing up to physicians several times.

But Eli was more of an intuitive traditional healer than a modern science professional.

In any case, Lexie does not give up, but asks for help from her former lover Mark Sloane, a plastic surgery attending, telling Mark that a nurse hates her. Mark agrees to talk to the nurse in question, but in return Mark extracts Lexie's promise to meet him at Joe's Bar later for a drink. Of course, nurse managers do not exist on Avery: Well, he's right. April thinks he's "kinda hot" but wonders if you can "say that about a nurse." Lexie: "No." Bailey notices something in the charts. See, Eli took out a drain when he wasn't supposed to, and I was gonna write him up, because, he can't do that, but he did. Jonas Salk cured polio, Miranda Bailey is going to She practically skips out of the room, repeating "day 3." Of course, we like the idea that Eli's practice is the source of what appears to be a breakthrough in the prevention of fistulas.

sometimes does, that one key nursing role is to be the messengers who get physicians for other physicians. Eli responds that that will be tough because he took the drain out. Eli: Well, with the drain in, he can't turn over, which means he has to sleep on his back, which means he isn't sleeping, so-- Lexie: OK, just call radiology, we have to put it back in. But Eli does not really explain what he knows in a way that viewers will understand or remember, suggesting that nurses operate more on longevity-based intuition rather than advanced training or skills, something NBC's ER also did at times. And finally, here we have this strong veteran nurse, who is supposedly in his "house" and on his "turf," calling the physician "Dr.

I am happy to say I will still be hanging out with my good friend My colleague of 10 years (and co-host for 5 years on The Nine) Kam Carman is moving on to the next chapter in her life– what she winningly calls “Kam 2.0!

” Sadly for us and for FOX 2 Nation this does not include Kam continuing to be part of the laughter, the in-jokes and the good times that started some 1,300 shows ago on the Big Brown Couch.

The Nine is a strange brew of morning radio-style antics, TV talk show chatter, news, straight-up foolishness and Rick’s signature music. We went straight to number one in our time slot after debuting, and sometimes even achieved ratings higher than other stations’ primetime shows.

Kam handled all of those wildly divergent ingredients with go-for-it gusto, a sly sense of humor and solid professionalism. Kam Carman was as responsible for that success as any other person on the show.

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Kepner is very upset because she will not be winning the contest. I need to be able to see the fluid to tell if there's an infection. Eli: You have your list, but I have 12 years of experience that tells me that putting that drain back in right now could actually put him at more risk for infection. Eli doesn't explain the infection risk--viewers may think that he doesn't really understand it. Bailey" while she calls him "Eli." Of course this naming disparity remains common in real life, but we would hope for better from a strong nurse.

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