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Who is michael stipe dating

So what is going on in the Music industry and what does Van Sant really know about the events surrounding the untimely deaths of both Phoenix and Cobain? "The upcoming film stars Matthew Mc Conaughey as a professor who travels to Japan’s famed “Suicide Forest” to take his own life, only to decide to aid a lost Japanese man in the process: Matthew Mc Conaughey contemplates suicide in the woods in trailer for Gus Van Sant film The first trailer for upcoming Gus Van Sant film The Sea Of Trees is out, showing a disintigrating marriage between a college professor and his wife. Around the time of "In Utero" being released, there were rumors of Geffen pushing against Cobain, so much so that the band took out a page ad saying everything was peachy with management:"... Their label, Geffen, and management company, Gold Mountain, not so much so — at least according to accounts from the period, and Albini's residual bitterness to this day over the initial reaction.'The grown-ups don't like it,' Cobain groused to Azzerad in those pre-release months, passing along adjectives like 'unlistenable' and 'not up to par.' Soon the press picked up on the tension between Nirvana and their business interests.

Courtney is also a headcase, a junkie, a drama queen, and a bad mom, but that doesn't mean she killed him.

Geffen A&R exec Gary Gersh told Rolling Stone: 'It’s a bunch of horses***. Apparently, Cobain and Stipe had been recording together and he was pressing to get those released. Phoenix supposedly use to hang out with them when Stipe was visiting Courtney and was known for randomly showing up at band sessions, famously showing up and sleeping on the couch at the studio "XTC" was recording at in London.

Cobain telling Courtney Love that he only wanted to make music with Stipe. If he was also hanging around Keanu while he was with Geffen, he could have heard something there, too.

It makes me sick to hear about the great "love" Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love had for each other.

I wouldn't call what was between them "love." It was co-dependence.

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