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Tune into this hilarious and not-so-supernatural series to watch Janice Gunter and "Ma" as they hunt what appears to be... A couple has more problems than Marie Kondo can solve. A fertility comedy about being a single, baby-ambivalent, working woman in a world where biology still has its clock on you when you desperately wish it didn’t. The series sheds light on taboo topics like anxiety, depression and suicide through dark humor.Ever watch "Tidying Up" and realize the lack of joy doesn't come from the clutter, but from the toxic partner in the room? Two Woke Gurls follows our clueless, albeit well-intentioned duo on their journey to become more "woke". arni Kinrys – In a field which is dominated by men, Marni has managed to hold her own plus a little more.She can give you the unique and beneficial opportunity to learn from beautiful women on how to GET beautiful women.Here are a few common examples and how to pass them. She has signals you can see to tell if she’s interested in you or not.

ALL your MISTAKES, ALL her EXCUSES, all the reasons why you fail with women plus HOW you can fix EVERY one you’ve made so it never happens again!Her Wing Girls had just taken off and there was this group of hot fun girls taking guys out and acting as wing “girls.” Although the interview wasn’t all too helpful her knowledge and power in this field has certainly grown into a successful business built on the most important thing… Women don’t use congruence tests on men they’re not interested in dating.So if she’s testing you, it means she’s interested.The information you provide is strictly for our own internal use and is not sold, distributed or accessible to any other organization.Your privacy is important to us and all information is supplied in strictest confidence.

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A woman’s perspective on what to do when it happens. This comes directly from a woman.”“To get an easy second date you just have to avoid making simple mistakes.

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